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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
To God be the Glory!

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  "Reaching across the world for Christ"  


As you read through these amazing stories remember that God alone deserves the credit for the thousands of lives He has touched through Leroy's ministry.

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Purpose: To reach two million people for Christ and to start new churches.  The two million people goal was reached in 2012. We are now working on reaching over four million. 


CHURCH REVIVALS - with an emphasis on both personal and corporate revival.  Through the preaching of the Word of God the meaning of revival and the issues that hinder revival either on a personal level or a church wide level is defined.  A clear call for Christians to come to repentance and to submit their lives to the Lordship of Christ and a call for the lost to come to Christ for salvation is made during the invitation.  When a Christian or a church comes to a place or repentance and allows Christ to be Lord then revival can come on some measure depending on the depth of repentance.  When God's people get revived then true evangelism will follow.  This ministry is not about instant results, but long lasting results that will make a difference in a church for God's Glory!  The greatest need in today's church is the need for genuine revival.  Yes, Leroy still does church revivals when invited.

PRAYER REVIVALS - which are set up on a revival meeting format, a Sunday through Wednesday, usually. The emphasis is on prayer, the need for prayer, what real prayer is, and is basically centered on what God's Word says about prayer. The church that prays has God's power and God's resources available.  When God reveals Himself in power it will always be because God's people got in a position to really pray. Genuine evangelism always begins with real prayer. The starting place to get in on what God is doing is the place of prayer.

Leroy Hassler is available for Bible Conferences, special services, or Sunday services when he has an open date on his schedule.


We are an all out evangelistic ministry that reaches over 100,000 people per year for Christ now mostly in Africa.  We use from 12 to 20 or more preachers each year.  We offer a rugged, no frills, action packed all out effort to reach people for Christ.  We have wide open doors in several African countries to preach the gospel in schools, give an invitation for people to receive Christ, give away bibles and encourage students and teachers to get involved in good bible believing churches.  We have a Jesus Film each night where we preach and give an invitation.  We have as many as 6 films per night in 6 different locations.  We also start new churches by working with the Baptist Convention in the country we are working in.  We preach in churches on Sundays and do a Pastor's Conference to teach and encourage local pastors.

INVOLVEMENT TIME - about 2 weeks in the field including travel.

REQUIREMENTS - must be able to travel by air, have a passport and be physically able to work hard and long hours on the field.  (NOTE: We have worked a 20-hour day because hundreds of miles may be traveled in one day.) Must be able to preach 3 or more times a day.  Because our work is so tough we use men only, either pastors or laymen who can preach.

THE COST - now about $5,000.00 or more per trip which includes plane tickets, meals, hotels, and project expenses, which pays for interpreters, fuel, vehicle rental, and all that goes into putting a preacher on the field. The cost will vary as plane tickets and hotels are going up sharply now. No two crusades will be the same price.


If you have questions about scheduling a Revival or Prayer conference
OR about signing up to join in a crusade
contact Leroy Hassler
by mail at PO Box 1791, Gladewater, TX 75647-1791
OR by phone at 903-845-2194