Hassler Ministries
Sunday, April 14, 2024
To God be the Glory!


Leroy Hassler preaching in a school in Malawi, Africa

The Vision

♦ To reach 2 million lost people for Christ in the next 20 years

♦ To start new churches and to help strengthen existing churches in the process of reaching across the world

♦ To help financially support other Godly Missionaries who live by faith and are active soul winners

Vision Being Accomplished

♦ We are now supporting missionaries in 9 countries. 

♦ We have given away thousands of Bibles in Africa and China, where many people do not own even one Bible. We have started over 358 new churches in 9 countries, and and preached in over 3,962 schools, colleges, and universities.

 From 2017 to 2018, more than 100,000 people per year have been reached by this ministry. We have now reached in total more than 4,401,262 people for Christ. To God be the Glory!

  • Revival Meetings, Bible Conferences, and other Special Services across the country from New Mexico to Maryland and from Wyoming to Central Florida.


(We do not publish a current schedule for security reasons.)

  • MARCH 6: New Hope Baptist Church, Dr. David Baxley, Pastor, Bloomburg, TX.

  • MARCH 12- 16: Revival Meeting, Bealwood Baptist Church, Billy Duncan, Pastor, Columbus, GA.

  • MARCH 14: Columbus Baptist Association, Dr. Jimmy Blanton, DOM Columbus, GA.

  • MARCH 20: Kushla-Bethany Baptist Church (AM), Al Sullivan, Pastor, Mobile, AL. 
  • MARCH 20: Ebenezer Baptist Church (PM), Hammond, LA.
  • MARCH 27-30: Revival Meeting First Baptist Church, Johnnie R. Jones, Pastor, Blue Ridge, TX.

  • APRIL 3: Camp Ground Baptist Church, Curtis Oliver, Pastor, Alto, TX.

  • APRIL 10-14: Revival Meeting Shady Grove Baptist Church, Paul Stewart, Pastor, Booneville, NC. 

  • APRIL 16: Brotherhood Breakfast (9 AM), Charity Baptist Church, Booneville, NC.

  • APRIL 17: Charity Baptist Church, Dr David E. Driver, Pastor, Booneville, NC.

  • APRIL 17: Booneville Baptist Church, Ken Boaz, Pastor, Booneville, NC.
  • APRIL 23-27: Staff Retreat, Houston, TX.
  • MAY 1: Hickory Grove Baptist Church (AM & PM), Hugh Sparkman, Contact, Kilgore, TX.
  • MAY 17-30: Crusade Kabwe, Zambia, Leroy Hassler, Leader Texas Team.
  • MAY 25: Pastor's Conference, Speakers: Kenneth Bowden & Leroy Hassler, Kabwe Lodge, Kabwe, Zambia.
  • JUNE 2-14: Crusade Lusake, Zambia, Louisiana Team.

  • JUNE 26: Mt. Gilead Baptist, Tom Anderson, Pastor, Dothan, AL